Thursday, February 17, 2011


Today was weird.
I hear its a full moon tonight so maybe thats why.
It started with me being tired.
So I decided to get myself a coffee at the local coffee shop.
And I got myself an extra shot.
And I was wired.
And hyper.
And I had to do outfit pics and I couldn't stand still.
So that explains the pics above.

So this is the first time I've worn these tights and I got so many comments today.
Some good some bad.
I was called a Fairy alot.
Someone told me I needed a tiara and a wand.
I decided to take them all as compliments.
Who doesn't want to be a fairy?
But not a fairy godmother.
They are old.


  1. I love the tights!!! And yes, I would consider those things compliments too:)

  2. As for me (I'm your new follower) this gorgeous skirt make you look like a fairy!:) And I like the colour of the belt!

    I'll be glad to have you following me.