Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day Drie.

Yup. Thats three in dutch.

Shirt-Target / Jeggings-Target / Necklace-Charolette Russe / Ring-Pacsun / Boots-Target
Man Oh Man! I think I should be in a Target ad! 

Do you ever have those days when your waist is tired of being belted?
Well that was today for me.
I woke up and was trying to figure out what to wear and all I knew was I wanted my waist to run free.
So I put on super compfy jeggings (like seriously comfy. borderline inappropriate.) and a flowy shirt (that, lets be honest, kinda looks maternity) and added some boots and a necklace to make it look like I actually tried.
And I was soo glad, cause today turned into one of those days! Where you want to go home and put on pjs and lay around. And I was already in what felt like pjs, so I was half way there!
Well I am going to finish the rest of it and lay around!


  1. i love the white and the splash of color with your necklace! It gives me inspiration for my 30/30!

  2. I totally have that necklace! Love it. Looking good today!

  3. Very cute outfit and you're right- sometimes your stomach needs to breathe and not be constricted by a belt ;) You look fabulous and I love the necklace! xo Emily (fellow remixer!)

  4. Just hopped to your blog.. and I love it. Your outfits are really great. (I love the mustard ruffled cardigan too... I have it, even. ha) I'm a new follower... watching your 30 for 30 challenge and gaining courage to do it myself next go-around. See you around.