Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day Numero Uno and Bad Jumping.

Shirt-Gap / Tee-Old Navy / Jean-Gap / Boots-Target / Belt-Gap?
 So last night I put all my other clothes (the ones not picked for the 30 for 30) away and reassured them that it wasn't their fault that I would be ignoring them for the next 30 day. There were some tears and lots of hugs but I think they will be ok. The 30 for 30 items were all excited this morning tho! You would think having only 30 things to choose from would make getting dressed in the morning way easier. But nope. I still tried on like 4 outfits before I found one I liked.
I didn't looove this outfit. The grey tee is a little too big on me and so it kinda bunched up a bit.
(Note to self, try on clothes before vowing to wear them for 30 days.)
But I just loove the beading on the shoulders...so at the end of the day it all works out!!
It is sooo cold here!! But really sunny too. So there is alot of squinting going on.

So my wonderful friend/photographer thought it would be fun to do a jumping photo.
This was when we discovered....I am a horrible jumper....here are the photos to prove it.
You may now laugh unceasingly.


  1. I love these jumping pics, I will be laughing for days! So exciting for the next 29 days. You are creative and beautiful, I can't imagine you having even on bad outfit day. :D

  2. I love your brown accessories with this outfit.
    Jumping pictures are always fun...it's SO hard not to make a silly face while jumping!

  3. Awww why aren't you loving your outfit?! I think you look adorable and so well coordinated with the pretty cognac belt and boots. The second photo is super cute!

    Have a lovely day!

  4. I love your top! So pretty! You have me cracking up at your jumping shots:)

  5. Jumping pictures are awfully tricky to get right. I am veteran at bad jumping pictures. Your outfit looks quite adorable though, so that's a saving grace.

  6. love this look! i'm always a fan of jeans, boots, and a sweater! and those pics are super cute!

  7. I love this outfit! I like the belting too- you can't tell at all that the sweater is big!