Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Trusty Tripod

 Shirt-Gap, Pants-Target, Belt-Jacob, Shoes-Old Navy, Tie-Random
The Mr is out of town again and so out of the closet my good friend the tripod came.
And his sidekick the remote.
Nothing like standing in your yard awkwardly posing while the builders across the street stare at you...probably wondering what the heck is happening.
I felt so fallish in this outfit.
I just love the necktie look that seems to be everywhere this Fall!
I'm too cheap to get this gorgeous leather necktie so I just used an old sash thing I found in my belt drawer.
I would love to hear what Fall trends all y'all are into or dying to try!

Monday, September 17, 2012


Wanna know a little secret?
I have the hardest time being content.
I am always onto somthing else.
Always "needing" something else.
Sometimes, I think that blogging and pinterest and even other peoples blogs add to that.
On a blog, everything can look perfect.
We pick the pretty and happy things to put out into the world.
And so looking at other peoples blogs, you can think, man they look happy and perfect.
If only I had {blank} like they have...then my life might be perfect too.
Lately, I have been saying yes to everything and no to nothing and have found myself completely swamped.
I felt like I had no time to just relax, clean, read a book.
So I took a day off.
Of everything.
And stayed home.
I made a list of all the things around the house I needed to catch up on.
I was through my list by noon.
Now what?
 Me and Duke took a little walk.
It was a gorgeous Fall day.
I took the camera and just snapped as we walked.
And something happened.
Time seemed to stand still for me.
I live amongst beauty and nature.
I know this.
I see it everyday.
But in seeing it everyday, I missed it too.
I was so overwhelmed with Gods amazing grace and love for us that he would surround us with His beauty.
He makes His presence so known to us everyday in the way the light comes through the trees and the way the air smells in Fall.
And I was so content.
Content with where He has put me.
Content with Him.
Just Him.
All I need is Him.
So all of this to say, I need to make more time to just walk around.
Take a breath.
And meditate on Gods amaing love for me, an unworthy sinner.
The more busy I get, the more wrapped up in this world I get.
And then I need more, want more, of what this world has to offer.
But that isn't going to fill me up.
That isn't going to make me perfect or happy.
Only He will.
Him and His peace that He fills me up with, when I just stop and let Him.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Man Style

Shirt-Hurley{Marshalls}, Cord-Old Navy, Shoes-DC?
Not gonna lie, I tricked Travis into taking these pics.
I was all, posing is try.
And so he did.
And then I put them on the internet.
But how could I not?
He is just to cute.
And, he dressed himself.
Lets not tell him about this mmkay?
It'll be out little secret.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Leather and Hearts

Sweater-J Crew, Pants-F21, Shoes-Target, Watch-Nordstrom


 I am totally not a heart person.
In fact, when I put on this sweater, Travis was shocked and asked me if it was a heart to make sure.
Not sure what else it looks like....
And these pants are called coated pants.
They look like leather.
I was nervous about these pants.
So this whole outfit was a little out of my comfort zone.
But, I loved it!
This sweater is the best ever. So comfy and I already have a bunch of ideas of outfits for it.
And these pants.
Also love.
I made Travis call me Sandy all day.
{that was a Grease reference if you didn't catch it. And if you didn't....shame on you.}

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Country Girl

Shirt-Old Navy, Skirt-F21, Boots-Piperlime
I felt like a bit of a cowgirl in this outfit.
I really wanted to run around our yard yelling yee haw and smacking the back of my imaginary horse, but the Mr put a stop to it. And reminded me that I don't look good in cowboy hats.
So. Plaid shirts and booties are as honky tonk as this girl is gonna get.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Last Days of Summer

Shirt-F21, Jeans-Gap, Shoes-Target, Necklace-J Crew{via eBay}

This weekend, we went out for dinner on the beach with some friends to celebrate what will probably be our last weekend of Summer.
As much as I am ready for Fall and sick of this blasted heat, I am kinda sad Summer is coming to a close, if for no other reason than I love patios.
We don't make it to the beach here very often. We don't really have a good excuse. We just like to stick to what we know, and we don't really know the restaurants or places there.
But with sunsets like the one below, I think we will be heading west more often!