Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day Deux.

Shirt-Target / Skirt-AE / Tight-F21 / Boots-Famous Footwear / Belt-Gap
You guys like how I am mixing up the languages in the title? Ya...well...tomorrow is dutch. Things are about to get crazy!

So I know I've already done an introduction (here) but I have another one for you guys.
This one is a little bit more important....not that I don't love the cardi.
Meet Travis.

Im not gonna lie...he'd kill me if he knew I was using this pic

This is my AMAZING husband!!
Isn't he cute??
I think so.
So almost 4 years ago we stood up and said I do and he has made me the happiest girl in the world ever since!!
He is the most loving and wonderful and crazy man ever!
Like seriously crazy. He's hilarious. Just look at the picture again. See?
Anyways, I thought you guys should meet.
So, Travis meet blog. Blog meet Travis.
Ok bye.

p.s. Loooooved all the jumping comments. I don't feel like such a failure now. Thanx guys!


  1. you rocked that outfit!

  2. ok so yup this one is my fave. you are amazing