Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Springtime and Snow.

So about a week ago, it was super nice.
I was so excited that spring was coming and I was planning out everything springish I was gonna buy when the 30 for 30 was over.
And then today it snowed.
And its freezing.
Why must mother nature play such tricks on me?
Just be cold and then nice.
There is no need to mix it up.

My poor little feetsies were so cold today in these flats.
But I am kinda sick of boots!
Does anyone else have that?
In the fall, I can't wait till I can whip out my boots.
I'm just chomping at the bit.
And now I am just dying to wear sandals!
And I'm getting sick of boots.
Just can't please me I guess.


  1. There is something that I just adore about this combination -- I think it's the pretty purple with the blue necklace. Or maybe it's the whole outfit. Either way, you look adorable!

  2. awesome outfit. love the purple with the white underneath it. only, how did you tie your belt?? I've a belt like that, and it always comes undone.

    and sometimes it's hard to bet a good pair of flats.

  3. This is an adorable outfit. I love the purple, and the necklace just pops! I miss all of my spring/summer things. I just want it to be warm again!

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