Thursday, February 24, 2011


It is ssooo freakin cold!!
So cold.
I wore these short pants today and everyone, including me, was like what were you thinking?!!
A guy at my work asked me why I was wearing my I dream of Jeanie shoes when it was so cold outside?
And it isn't snowing.
I have a theory that if it is gonna be cold, I am ok with it, but only if there is snow.
And there is no snow.
So I am not ok with it.
What is the weather like where you guys are?

Oh and thanx soo much for all the well wishes!
I am feeling a lot better today!



  1. The pants are super cute, even if they are not weather appropriate! We actually had snow here in Portland when I woke up this morning (a pretty rare occurrence)! It melted quickly, but it was nice while it lasted.

  2. The scarf is amazing!
    It is 14 degrees Celsius below zero in Russia. It is windy and freezing.