Friday, February 11, 2011




Lots of pictures and not alot of talking today.
It is raining here.
And cold.
Shocking, I know.
I am soo sick of it.
But what are ya gonna do?

I don't really have to much to say today.
I really want a new camera.
I was talking to a photographer(kinda) about them last night at a church thing and it made me want one soo much more!!
I am leaning towards a Nikon but I have heard that Canons are really user friendly too.
I don't want anything astronomically expensive, but I want something good.
Anyone have any suggestions?


  1. lovely look! you just reminded me that i have a chambray shirt that needs to be remixed! chambray, black, and brown just look so good together!

  2. I love this outfit!! So cute.

    I recently got a Canon dSLR - and was in the same boat - didn't want to spend a ton of money, at least until I got a lot better and knew specifically what I wanted in a camera. So I got mine from a photographer looking to upgrade. It was in good condition (got all the parts, manual, box and all). So maybe try to find a used one from someone you can trust first? Before you buy, you can always take it to a camera shop for a quick check out to make sure it is in good condition!

    Now I'm looking for a tri-pod!

    Meggy from Chasing Davies

  3. i love this outfit!!! you look too cute!!!
    great mix of colors.

  4. Love the striped skirt!!

    I have a Nikon D90 with a 35mm f/1.8 lens that I love. I didn't know much about photography when I got it, but all of the controls are pretty intuitive and it didn't take long before my photos looked professional. Good luck camera hunting!