Friday, February 4, 2011

Day Four and Short Jeans.

Shirt-Old Navy / Cardigan-Target / Jeans-thrifted(ON) / Shoes-Target / Magic Bracelet-J.Crew

sparkle = magic.

 So funny story.
I really wanted some new dark skinny jeans.
So I shopped around and tried on countless pairs and found a pair at Gap that I really liked.
So I came home, thought about it for a couple days and decided to go back and get them .
(Yup, I overthink things.)
 On my way back I decided to stop at my fav thrift store. And that is where I found these babies.
They are a size too small and too short for me but I loved them anyway!
I like to pretend that I meant for them to be that short and that I am in a J.Crew catalog.
Oh, and the best part. They were like 1/10th of the price.
Can't beat that.

Well, I gotta go get ready for a date with husband.
But I leave you with another jumping picture.
Yup. Another one.
I'm a sucker for punishment.


  1. Haha! Yay for another jumping shot!

    I love the jeans. I prefer my jeans to be a bit short - I really like the look. Great cardigan too!

    Have fun on your date:)

  2. Those pants look awesome. Such a steal!! Nothing is better than finding something your looking for :)

  3. Great looks in the remix so far! Good luck in the challenge! :)

  4. perfect! you TOtally could be in a j.crew catalog--i'm digging the color of your cardigan here. and short pants? yes please. love them. you could even cuff them once for super-shortness emphasis, which would be awesome too. you're adorable. and, i can just tell, a fabulous jumper. :)
    -brittney (fellow remixer)

  5. Great outfit and the short pants work well for this look! =)