Thursday, May 10, 2012

Last Minute

So I had a post all planned.
I even wore clothes today.
But then I couldn't find my sd card thing and I didn't have time to edit them so.
Its Instagram Thursday!

1.Getting caught in a hail storm in Portland
2. A display at West Elm that we want to recreate in our bedroom {maybe an update on that one later}|
3.An accidental photo at Stumptown in Portland
4.Mint and Polka dots
5. My new mint plant
5.Sparrow pants and a steering wheel
6. My obsession with this necklace is continuing.

I got a new app on my phone called pixlr or something and I love it! You can tell I used it on the last 3 pics!

Have a happy Thursday friends!!

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  1. Your blog is so cute, great pictures.

    Do, newest follower, hope you follow back or check out my blog.

  2. love that west elm display!

  3. i love instagram! i'm obsessed :) following you! follow me @andreabrionne