Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What a night!

Blazer-F21, Tee-UO, Jeans-Gap, Necklace-Charlotte Russe

I wore this on Saturday night on a double date.
We went to this awesome New Orleans style restaurant and then saw a movie with a super awesome couple.

So we met somewhere in our town and drove to the next town, cause they're the ones with the theater, and our friends drove. 
So the movie gets done, we all drive back to our car, it's like 12:00, they drop us off, we get out, say goodbye, they drive off, we get into the car and Travis realizes that he doesn't have our keys!!!
So we call our friends, they check the backseat and don't find them. 
So we call the theater {that is like 25 minutes away!} and they're all "Yup. Here they are!"
So we had to call Trav's brother to come and get us {sweetest boy ever!!}.
But we didn't get home till like 1:00!
Ugh!! What. A. Night!
At least our dinner and company was wonderful!!

Has anything like that ever happened to you?
Please tell me to make me feel better!!


  1. I've left my house keys at my desk (that was an hour away) and refused to drive back to work to get them! Thank god our neighbors had a spare key. You look great! I love those jeans and that top - so cute that you knotted it!

  2. I think after becoming a mom, I lost major brain cells. Its comical the things I have done.
    Love your hair in this!! Your looks are all fantastic:)