Thursday, March 1, 2012

Snow?! Snow?!?!

Shirt & Trouser Jeans-Gap, Belt-Joe,

Yup. Snow.
It snowed here yesterday.
Spring is never coming!
Ok that might be an exageration but it feels like its never coming.
I just so much want to whip out some dresses and skirts and sandals and springy stuff.
Sometimes taking pictures everyday or every other day or whatever can just get weird.
And its so funny how everyday is different.
Yesterday, we took 3 pics and those are the ones that ended up on here.
It was wham bam thank you ma'am.
But today, we must have taken like 10 and I was just not feeling any of them.
But, you gotta pic 'em right?
Tomorrow is another day!

*the pics don't show how NEON this shirt is.
So let me tell's NEON.*


  1. kinda really excited for spring. please cooome soooon! :)

    love your pants ps.

  2. Love neons and the pants are great!

  3. We got snow yesterday too, do you live in Utah?

    1. Katie...nope, we live just outside of Seattle. But it makes me feel better that you got snow too!!

  4. you are ROCKIN' the neon girl! love it!
    and i don't mind if the snow decides to stay a little bit longer. spring and all the bees can wait ;)
    xo TJ