Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring has not Sprung

Tank-Thrifted, Shirt-Gap Outlet, Skirt-Old Navy, Belt-Joe Fresh, Necklace-Charlotte Russe, Shoes-H&M

I am so jealous of all you peeps who are living in places where Spring has actually sprung.
Because it hasn't here.
Yesterday, it did this snowy-haily-rainy thing.
It was not pretty.

On a prettier note.
And if you've been following along, you know that I love to wear my hair up in a messy top notty bun.
Check this out!

 Best part : its sooo easy!!


  1. love your cute bun and that striped top! I wish I had long hair again!

  2. I LOVE your necklace! Also the little braid in your hair is presh. =]


  3. LOVE that necklace! Where did you get it? Searched "Charlotte Russe" on Etsy and there are over 1200 people that come up. Found you on Pleated Poppy, I am from the PNW, too!!! Doesn't this weather suck? Keep smiling!