Thursday, March 29, 2012


Shirt-Gap Outlet, Pants & Shoes-Target, Belt-Joe Fresh
{ I apologize for the hair and complete deer in headlights look!}

Even though it is such yucky weather here {rain rain rain} I still have the worst allergies this week!
Does anyone else feel my pain here??
My nose is runny. My eyes {aka whole face} are puffy. And I'm like a walking brain fart.
It's like everything is all fuzzy.
Luckily, these only usually last the first couple weeks of spring, so I'm thinking I'm like half way through it.

On a tastier note.
Last night we made these.

Here's a secret about me.
Donuts are my weak spot.
{Don't tell anyone.}
I found this recipe on Pinterest {here} and, no joke, they were the easiest and quickest thing ever!
I bought the cheap brand of biscuits too and they turned out perfect.
And let me tell you....they were amazing.
I may have eaten 2. Ok maybe 3.
{Don't tell anyone}

1 comment:

  1. well, for having allergies you don't look puffy at all. you look gorgeous!
    and i love the pop of leopard in your shoes ;)
    xo TJ