Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mouse Trap

Dress-Old Navy, Blazer-Thrifted, Belt & Shoes- H&M

Let me tell you the story of our mouse.
About a week ago, I had really bad allergies and I was laying in bed awake and all of the sudden heard the scurrying of a mouse! Now we just built this house about a year ago so in my mind there should be no mice right?
Well our mouse didn't care about my logic, cause he was in our house nonetheless.
So I listened to him for forever under our sink in our master bath. And I was so annoyed with this naughty little mouse. Invading our  house!
I told Travis about it the next day and instead of sharing my outrage he happily said "We have a mouse?" {insert big smile} After that whenever I would tell him to get a trap he would say "But it's our mouse!"

Anyway, fast track to Tuesday night, we're in Target and I remember we need to get a mouse trap. 
We had decided to just get one that would catch the little guy but not kill him and then we could let him loose at Travis's parents barn.
So we stood in front of the traps for what must have been 20 minutes deciding which one to get cause they didn't have the trap ones only the kill ones. 
We finally decided to just get the good old fashion mouse trap and that way it would be done. Our mouse would feel no pain and it would be gone. Maybe it will just catch his tail and we can still let him loose, was Travis's reasoning to make me feel better about it. {By this point we had somehow switched and I liked the mouse and he was like whatever}
So we set the trap that night. Put some cheese on it and went to bed. {My biggest fear was that I would hear it snap in the middle of the night!}
I came home from work yesterday and asked Travis if he had checked it. He said he had and that it was empty. Then I went off to a church meeting. Came home, asked him again. Still nothing.
Then this morning.
We're laying in bed and Travis says he has something to tell me.
Last night he checked it and the cheese was gone but there was no mouse. 
That's our mouse! I thought.Sneaky little guy!
So, Travis continues, he got a bigger piece of cheese and reset it. 
Then, while I was gone, he was listening to the Mariners game on the radio in our bed and SNAP! 
We killed our mouse.
We both sat there in silence for a bit. Kinda feeling bad. Kinda feeling satisfied.
Travis assured me he was not a little cute mouse like I had pictured. He was a big nasty fellow.
So I don't feel as bad. 
Now we don't have a mouse anymore.

Has anyone else ever felt bad about killing a mouse?
Or am I just crazy?
You can be honest. It wouldn't be the first crazy thing I've done.


  1. hahah. "our mouse" is my favorite.

  2. Love the maxi dress so much!! And can you please come over and put my hair into a top knot? Thanks :) xx Natalie

  3. Love this outfit! The green looks so cute with that seeksucker!