Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Funky Collar

Shirt-Thrifted, Pants & Shoes-Target, Belt-Old Navy

I got this shirt from Value Village the other day.
The polka dots are what caught my eye but the collar is what made me buy it.
Best part? It was $2.50.
Woah right?

The Mr. is out of town again and I am starting to feel bad for calling up my friends to beg them to take my picture. So yesterday I bought a tripod and remote.
I'm pretty sure our neighbors think I'm a crazy lady. I was out there for like a 45 minutes trying to figure it out and make it work.
New adventure. Here I come.


  1. That shirt is totally a steal and adorable! I need a remote for my camera, Instead people just watch me run around like a crazy lady trying to get into "position" before the self timer stops! Your pictures came out great ;)

  2. Great job on taking these yourself!! They turned out precious! Could you be any cuter? Total score on that top!! Like I said before, love your style, lady!
    Giveaway @ Because Shanna Said So

  3. that funky collar is so cute! love it and what you've paired it with!

  4. those purple pants are GORGEOUS :) i love the way you paired it with the turquoise belt!
    you look stunning :)
    tiana of l'esthetique

  5. Love the color combination!


  6. Most perfect color combination ever! They remind me of our wedding colors! :)
    Where is your blouse from? It's really gorgeous! Also, you do remote pictures well! That seriously is a talent, haha! :)