Friday, April 27, 2012

I love Fridays.

 Shirt-Gap, Jeans-Target, Belt & Shoes-Old Navy

That title is a lie.
I love Saturdays.
I only use Fridays to get to Saturdays. Don't tell Friday though.

My lovely Mr. Travis is coming home tonight after being gone since Tuesday and I could not be more delighted!! And the best part...we have no plans for the whole weekend. It is going to be quite pleasant. We can do whatever we want. My choice...sleep till noon and then go for a pretty and easy hike and then stare at our baby chicks the rest of the day. {they are soo funny to watch}

They have grown so much. The baby chicks that is. And I am excited for Travis to see them.
And yes, I know they are not our children and he probbably won't care as much as me.
A girl can dream right?


  1. Cute look! Love the pastel leopard pant combo!


  2. Adorable outfit and awesome location for photos. I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend.

    - Molly

  3. Just found your blog a few days it!

  4. HAHA! I just have to second that comment that I love Friday because it gets me to Saturday! And your outfit is so adorable, I love everything. Adore your blog.