Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Who knew?

Shirt-Old Navy, Pants-F21, Boots-Piperlime, Necklace-J Crew Outlet
I like crazy just as much as the next girl.
Sometimes, people around these parts, stare at me.
Wondering what I am wearing.
But I feel like if I was in a city or a more, lets say, fashion forward town, I would fit right in {but where would the in that be?}.
But I live here and my cozy little town is what it is.
And I am weird here.
I wear "crazy" things.
Like these pants.
And to tell you the truth, I never would have thought I would wear "leather" pants.
But I do. And I love them.
Y'all are witnessing the evolution of Kirsten Postma.


  1. I love the leather pants!!! I can totally relate with being from a small town and sometimes I feel like people stare but I just shrug it off because I like what I wear and that's all that matters :)


  2. Living in the heart of a big city has its downsides too! Where I live there are no real boundaries so you'll see people wearing almost the same thing as you, and then some people's outfits you wouldn't have even thought counted as clothes!

    Kelsey @Time Stand Still

  3. I absolutely LOVE those pants!!! My mom always told me I dressed crazy. She wouldn't let me out of the house in half the stuff I wanted to wear in high school - most of the time because I didn't "match". It was really frustrating, and I wasn't able to fully blossom into my very own style until I went to college in the city of Boston. If you do get to move to a city, that has downsides too - you become more blended and it's harder to stand out. I say, embrace the "weirdness", own it and be happy that you have the ambition and the confidence to continue dressing the way you do :) You look gorgeous!

  4. I love your leather pants too! I now live in a big city, but I find myself trying to tone the fashion down a couple of notches when travel to my hometown.Visiting from WIWW :), and now following your blog!


  5. i love the leather pants... i ordered some from kohls, but they were so thick and not comfy and all, so i returned them. on the hunt for some more. you look awesome, rock it, girl!!!

  6. love the pants, the top goes perfect with it :)

    C’s Evolution of Style

  7. I think you look adorable - your hair is too cute. I work in a very scientific company, so even my pretty safe outfits get looks.

  8. Um you are rocking those pants. Love! And I love that you dressed them down with your bun, the top and the booties.

  9. Wowsers. You're my fashion hero now. I have been wanting leather pants for awhile, but I haven't bit the bullet yet.

  10. I love the outfit :) Please tell me how you do your hair like that! I am obsessed with it lol

  11. LOVE those pants! Hey, who cares if your town can't appreciate them haha! :)

    Life etc

  12. Love the leather!!!