Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Scared Stupid.

Top and Jeans-Gap, Belt-Jacob, Shoes-Aldo

Halloween is almost upon us.
And can I just tell you that it is my least favorite holiday {if you can even call it that}.
I am the biggest chicken you will ever lay eyes on.
I freak out about everything.
I got scared of Ernest Scared Stupid.
Go ahead. Judge. I'm ok with it.
The problem with this all is that I am married to a man who likes scary movies and shows.
His brothers are watching that show The Walking Dead and they convinced him that we should watch it.
So, last night, we cozied up in bed with our laptop and watched the first episode.
I was in Travis's armpit wimpering the whole time.
It. Was. Terrifying!!
Afterwards, I was conviced I would never be able to sleep again, and so I made Travis stay up till midight with me, watching funny cat videos on youtube to try and get it all out of my head.
Needless to say, I don't think we'll be watching any scary movies or tv shows together anytime soon.


  1. Oh I do NOT like scary movies at all! nope nope, not for me! love your outfit!!


  2. i dont like haunted houses, i don't really like halloween either.
    i get too scared, so i'm with you.
    love this outfit.
    and i haven't had a computer for a bit and am just now seeing your new blog layout and i love it!


  3. OH NO! After reading what you said about being freaked out by the smallest thing I saw the words Walking Dead and I thought OMG she will be traumatized!!!!

    I for one love the show but I love this stuff and it gives ME nightmares... I can't tell you the nights I've been left awake going over our Zombie survival plan etc... seriously... I get freaked out by it but it's an amazing show. Probably one of the best dramas on tv right now in my opinion but my word, bless your heart for watching it.

    I will have to remember funny/cute cat videos again ASAP!

    P.S. Your hair always looks amazing - you may have to do a hair tutorial!!! :)

    1. Kelly! I read this to Travis and we are both DYING to know what your zombie survival plan is....mostly so we can steal it! HA!

  4. p.s. Halloween is probably my favorite holiday (beside Christmas obviously).

  5. I don't like Halloween either :( I guess some would consider us fun haters...but it's always already so cold by the time it's Halloween that I just don't care to find something to wear :(

  6. love this new look! cute pants!
    hope you don't have a very scary halloween!

  7. what a cute look! those pants and blouse are adorable! my fiance loves scary movies, i'm getting tougher being exposed to them so often lol

    C's Evolution of Style

  8. I love that you paired the leopard belt with the plaid shirt-- I would do the exact same!

    Kate @ A Journey in Style

  9. I love this outfit and your hair is beautiful! Luckily, my husband has just as low of a tolerance for scary movies as I do. He even fast forwards through scary movie commercials. We're that lame. I can't wait to look back through past posts and catch up on what I missed!

    PS: Found you through the WIWW linkup!

    Secondhand Magpie

  10. Oh my gosh! I can totally relate. I do like scary shows, but lately I can't handle them! I don't know if it has something to do with the fact that I am pregnant and more sensitive, but I seriously hated that first episode of the second season of Walking Dead. (I had watched the 1st season before I was pregnant with my husband). I can't get those horrible images out of my head! haha. Well anyways, cute outfit and good luck finding another show to enjoy! I know I will be searching!

  11. this is such a cute look, i love your style! just found your blog, it's super cute! :)