Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Island. Real Style.

This last weekend, after dropping my love off at the airport, I hopped on a ferry and headed over to a little town on Vancouver Island called Sooke.
My best friend Joanna and her family rented a house there and were soo kind enough to let me come and stay with them.
The house was amazing!!
{the view from ther living room is the third pic up!}
The first day, they took me to this amazing place called Sooke Potholes.
The weather was perfect and we just layed around and hung out.
The second day, we went to a winery/honery and bought some delicious wine!
And then went to a perfect sandy beach.
Perrrfect weekend!
Thank you so much Jo and the Hulzengas!

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  1. Well this sounds just a little bit amazing! Lucky you, having a little island getaway :)

    Life etc