Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Shirt-Old Navy, Skirt-Thrifted, Belt-Another Skirt, Shoes-Ruche

I feel like this outfit is so not me.
Which is weird cause I loved it.
It is so simple and there is like no color in it!
This kinda thing seems to happen to me in the summer.
Even though it is not warm here {at all!} I tend to go for more simple outfits.
Its just easier, and in the summer I need all the easy I can get.

Another fun observation.
My legs are blindingly white.
This is not ok.
It shows just how little sunshine we have seen here!
Luckily, I am headed to Palm Springs in about 3 weeks.
Then I will be red.

I hope everyone has an awesome Fourth!
And for all your Canadians, I hope you had an awesome first!
And for all you who had the day off today like me, I hope you are having an aweomse 3rd!


  1. your shoes are amazing! yaii for your day off :)

  2. i totally agree with summer meaning simple outfits. for me I find it hard to create super interesting outfits without layers and so during the summer it is just like... oh. But i think you absolutely look awesome!

  3. I love neutrals in the summer :)they're so breezy!
    xo dana
    from thewonderforest.com

  4. Absolutely lovely! The simplicity of the outfit and it's accessibility make it so! I love maxis because they are great for hiding my pale legs (in the winter) as well! -Jessica