Monday, July 23, 2012

This Week.

Skirt{actually a dress} & Tank-Old Navy/ Cardigan, Shoes & Hat-Gap

This week is a weird one.
This Friday, I am going away for the weekend to go see my best friend from back home {who I have not seen in far far to long}. Her family is renting a house in Victoria {BC} and I am gonna go stay with them.
And I could not be more excited.
However, also on Friday, I am taking my husband to the airport where he will be going to Romania for TWO whole weeks.
Two weeks people.
That is the longest that we have ever been apart for our whole marriage.
I know that people are apart for longer.
And I know that he is going to have the most amazing time and see and learn so much.
But I am still freaking out.
This week is weird.
Full of excitement and fear.
Here we go!!


  1. i love this dress skirt, whatever it is.
    also, i've never been separated from my husband besides like every day for 12 hours while i'm gone, but i couldn't do any longer. i'm dreading the day it happens. you can do it girl!

  2. Ah! Pretty green skirt and love that hat!

    As for the man, you'll miss him, but be so happy when he returns! Absence makes the heart grow fonder ;)

  3. Love the green maxi skirt! I think perfect for the summer

  4. love love love all the stripes going on!


  5. My husband had been to Romania with his sister before we met and he actually enjoyed the visit. We even talked about going there someday. I hope! Have a fun and safe trip to your husband. I am sure you will miss him for two weeks. You look lovely by the way and love this whole color combo. :)

  6. I really like the stripes on stripes! I've done it several times and I just love the way they work together :) I'm so jealous hats look so cute on you - they just look ridic on me :(

  7. Gotta agree with all these comments above me- love the stripe on stripe!

  8. Oh my! I just got that sweater at Gap today and you gave me some major inspiration on how to wear it. Stripes on stripes. Love! Popping over from the Pleated Poppy.

  9. I would be freaking out a bit if my husband was going to be gone for 2 weeks! I have no idea how some women (like military wives) can handle their husbands being gone for months at a time!

    Well, at least your outfit is amazing! The stripes and stripes look great together!

  10. Love this outfit - the brights are great!! Agh I hate it when they go away, but the reunions are always the best :)

    Life Etc

  11. i freaking love you--you are adorable :)