Friday, June 1, 2012

Good Intentions

So another week gone.
Where does the time go.
As you read this I am driving with my friend Caitie to Spokane for Farm Chicks.
And I could not be anymore excited.
I am starting the shopping ban next week Monday, so we are gonna be stopping in Seattle on the way so I can do a little last minute shop.
You know.
Get one last fix.

Anyways, have a stellar weekend and I'll be back Monday with some picks and an outfit!!


  1. Your weekend sounds like tons of fun, and that challenge while it seems sort of tough I bet will be super fun to come up with new looks and photo them every day! Good luck!

  2. that's where i live (spokane) the farm chicks! have fun : )

  3. What a blast, huh? Writing this from our Spokane hotel room. This was some girlfriends' and my third year! Have you been before?

  4. your dear blog is really making me miss washington state!

  5. Have fun with your last shopping hurrah haha! And good luck with starting your challenge :)

    Life Etc