Friday, June 8, 2012

Welcome to the Twilight Zone.

 Shirt-Stylemint, Skirt-F21{via}, Belt-Another Skirt, Necklace-J Crew Outlet, Shoes-H&M

Every morning, when I do my hair, I part it in the middle.
I started doing this a little while ago and I love it.
My bangs are still kinda growing out and I was pinning them up but I was sick of it so I just decided one day...I'm gonna try a part in the middle.
Anyway, I part it in the middle.
I think we got that right?
But then, I look at my pictures after Travis takes them, and my part is actually over to the side.
This is freaky twilight zone stuff right people?
It's tripping me out.
I'm gonna go stare in the mirror now and try to figure out my weird moving part.


  1. This floral skirt is so much fun.
    And LOVE your hair chica!
    :) Anna

  2. My natural part is sort of off center. So it's not quite a side part, and not quite a center. I would love to rock a center part, but it always looks odd. I will test it out this summer. I love your hair, it's so pretty and even if your part isn't perfectly center, it's spot on! :)

  3. haha the mystery of the moving part! It looks good off-centre. And I love this outfit! What an awesome floral skirt - so great paired with stripes :)

    Life Etc

  4. Woah I just found your blog and I love it! I want to steal this outfit- that skirt is particularly amazing & I have some serious hair envy right now!!

    Can't wait to

  5. that is funny, my hair kind of does whatever it wants too jajaja