Thursday, March 10, 2011

Moving. Bleh.

Sweater-H&M / Jeans-Thrifted / Shoes-Target / Necklace-Charolette Russe

My pants blend into the trim!

We are moving in 2 weeks!!
It just snuck up on me!
It doesn't help that we had to bump it up a week.
Travis grounded me from the computer cause apparently I am on it to much and not doing enough packing.
So I snuck on here while he's watching American Idol!

This is the first time that Travis and I have ever moved together and it is so crazy how much stuff we have!!
Does anyone have any tips?
 I feel so over whelmed by all the stuff and the clutter that is becoming my life!
Ok, I'm off to do more packing!!


  1. Wish I had moving tips. Im more in the position to recieve them as I will be moving at the end of this year. And i too feel like i have alot of stuff. I love the white pants and the shape of that sweater!
    and are you not loving this season of AI?

  2. If while packing you forgot you had THAT, throw it away. You'll simplify fast!

  3. Outfit is darling! Congrats on the new place and good luck on the move!!

  4. i LOVE that top! the whole outfit is too cute