Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Good Idea

Blazer and Belt- Jacob, Tee and Jeans-Old Navy, Clutch-Target, Shoes-H&M

Well Hello There to all the new followers and commenters!
I looove it! Your kind words seriously have made my last 2 days extra sweet!

Ok. Now lets have a chat about these pants.
I really  liked them.
I knew husband wouldn't.
They aren't soo "flattering" in his mind.
But, I liked them.
I'm looking at these pictures and I'm thinking..."do I really like them?"
Have you ever had something like that?
You like the idea of them, but maybe not so much on your body.
They are so comfy though, so I am gonna keep them and maybe even give them another chance.
I have faith in you boyfriend jeans!!

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