Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Blouse-Joe, Vest-Target (kids section), Jeans-Gap

It takes me so long to get back into the groove of things when I have a visitor!
I never really realized this about myself, but this week I could not get out of vacation mode!
But I am back into business mode.

So, yesterday afternoon Travis and I both had off and we decided to go on a little date.
This is what I wore.
I have never really been on a date in the middle of the afternoon.
We were the only non-senior citizens in the restaurant. And at the matinee movie, there was an odd assortment of people that I am kind of hoping I don't see again.
Someone else on another blog somewhere is probably saying the same thing.
Can't you hear it?
"There was a girl in the theatre with a fur vest. Weirdo."


  1. i love your outfit! that fur vest is fab... and paired with the high bun. love it!!