Monday, January 30, 2012

Well Hello.

Oh hey there!
I'm back.
My bad for being gone so long. A lot has happened in the last billion months.
We moved. And our wonderful new house that we love so much has no internet.
Yup. We are in the 0.7% group of people in the world that can't get high speed internet out at our house. So here I sit with my dial up.
I finally hit the point yesterday where I decided that I was going to try and blog with dial up.
So. We'll see how this goes.

Saturday night the Mr. and I decided to go out for a little date. We were going to go out for dinner and a movie, but after the dinner we were both too tired for movie. That is a sure fire sign of old age right there!!
I went shopping with a friend of mine last week and Finally! decided to try real grown up lipstick. So I made her help me and picked out a wonderful color that I loved and wasn't tooo crazy. And I was soo excited to show it to Mr. and when I got home he just stared at me. And then stared some more. And then told me my lips looked funny. So I pouted about it ( still wearing it. Ha!) and then told him he would just have to get used to it.
So I wore it on my date and I felt like such a lady!!!
What do you think?

Pants-Old Navy, Shirt-Gap Outlet, Blazer and Shoes-H&M, Belt-Jacob


  1. I love your blazer! That color is amazing, and I love how you paired it with blue pumps! Fab!

    <3 Kelly

  2. This outfit is super cute!! I love the color of your coat and shoes - they look great together! :D Happy Monday!

  3. Kirsten, you look GREAT! I love the orange blazer and those bright blue shoes. I just found your blog and I'm already in love with your style. I need more Monday inspiration. (I'm in Uggs right now, is that a hint!?) Anyways, following you now on GFC. Come say hi and follow back if you feel like it.

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