Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Skirt and Shirt-Old Navy, Belt-Joe, Necklace-handmade

(I very much dislike this picture, I just wanted to show how long the skirt was. Now you know.)

I wore this to church on Sunday. Our church is pretty small and casual so I could get away with wearing jeans. But I love to dress up so I try to make an effort come Sunday. Most of the time though, I end up looking a little out of place. But oh well! A friend of mine told me I looked classy in this outfit.
I'll take it! Does anyone else go to a low key church?

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  1. Love this outfit! It's very cute and classy! I love how you styled the long skirt. (I still can't seem to master that craft...but I'm working on it.)

    My husband and I go to a small, "low key" church, too. Most of the time, I enjoy the opportunity to come up with an outfit the involves skinny jeans or another style of jeans that I don't normally have a chance to wear during the week. However...every once and a while, I'll feel inspired to dress it up a bit.