Monday, January 31, 2011

My 30 for 30!!

Ok peeps! Here they are!

5 Button Ups
From left to right..Gap, AE, Target, Old Navy, J.Crew

8 Shirts
Clockwise...Old Navy, Old Navy, Joe,  H&M, Target, Joe, Thrifted, Gap

2 Jackets & 3 Sweaters
Left to Right...thrifted, thrifted, Target, J,Crew, Joe

1 Dress & 3 Skirts
Left to Right...Old Navy, AE, Thrifted, Dynamite

4 Pants 
Left to Right...Target, AE, Gap, Old Navy

4 Shoes

Left to Right...Famous Footwear, Target, Target, Target (wow! I love Target shoes!)

There they are!! I Seriously counted like 10 times to make sure it was 30.
I am soo excited about this. And I'm already planning my outifits!
Starts Tuesday! See you then!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Short and Sweet

Ok so this post is gonna be super short! Its the hubs work party tonight and I have to go pretty myself up. To make a good impression and all.

Tunic-Gap / Leggings-Target / Boots-Target / Belt-Joe / Flower-H&M
So I love these boots in theory, but I don't think they are the most flattering thing in the world. But they are the only black boots I have so I wear them anyways! Sometime I get so wrapped up in a trend that I don't think of how it will actually look on a real body. I see it on a model or a stick and I think it looks good...then I see myself in it and I am like Woah! Does anyone else ever have that?

This is soo not our house. Its just this random broken down house that hubs wanted to show me. And I was like "looks like a good place for some outfit pics!"

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Shirt-Joe / Cardi-J.Crew / Jeans-thrifted(Gap) / Boot-Famous Footwear / Belt-Joe

Let me introduce you to my new favorite cardi. Cardi meet blog. Blog meet cardi. You guys are gonna be seeing a lot of eachother! Especially since I am adding this baby to my 30 for 30 that starts next week.
To be honest, I'm a little nervous about the 30 for 30! It is a lot of pressure to pick out my items!!
Does anyone have any tips?


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Plan.

Shirt-Old Navy / Jeans-Thrited (Old Navy) / Scarf-H&M / Brooch - Borrowed/Stolen / Boots-Famous Footwear

                                           This is me, trying to be blowing a kiss!

So today was filled with ruined plans. I had it all planned that I was going to get up early, do my hair (for the first time in like a week) and have the hubs take my pics outside. It was going to be wonderful. Instead, I woke up 20 minutes before I had to leave for work. So I got my hair in a smooshy bun, again, and a thrown together outfit, with pics the dark. Oh well...try again tomorrow!!

It is soo exciting getting comments!! I love to read them and to know that people actually care what I am posting!! So Thanx!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ruffles, Balls and a Brick Wall.

So today I made my super talented friend take my pics at lunch. And I love the way they turned out.
We did them in a back alley and I felt all safe like no one could see me posing in front of a brick wall....cause lets be honest, that would be a little funny to see. And then I realized there was an office with people I knew in it that had a straight view to where we were! Oh well. I like these pics to much to care now!

Shirt-Gap / Cardigan-Old Navy / Jeggings-Target / Boot-Target / Necklace-H&M

This one is my fav.

Monday, January 24, 2011

First Outfit!

Here it is! My first ever outfit post! I felt a little awkward having my picture taken so I'm glad we just stayed in our dining room.

                            My hair is a little frizz-tastic in this one.
Shirt-thrifted (J Crew) / Sweater-Target / Jeans-thrifted (Old Navy) / Boots-Target / Necklace-made by Me!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

My first post! And its not an outfit!

Ok. Ok. So I know that I was just all like I love clothes and outfits, but I also love little projects. And I had a few this weekend that I am just to excited about not to share! (and I am sitting here in my old sweats...not a good outfit post to start with.)
So I went to this place in a town nearby called the re-Store. They sell old used building stuff that people donate. And let me tell you. It. Was. Amazing. I would have spent hours and hours and more money than I have there. But I settled for a few things 

These 2 things were my favorites. The Hubs has a few ideas for the window but we haven't done anything yet.
The other one is a random weird piece of wood. My plan was to paint it but after cleaning it up a bit and adding some handles...i liked it!

I'm kinda in love with it.


Hi There.
My name is Kirsten and this is my new blog!
I love fashion and shopping. I have always loved getting dressed and planning my outfits and watching blogs for inspiration. I 'v been wanting to start my own for forever now but was way to chicken. But here we go. I am gonna do it finally!!