Friday, January 28, 2011

Short and Sweet

Ok so this post is gonna be super short! Its the hubs work party tonight and I have to go pretty myself up. To make a good impression and all.

Tunic-Gap / Leggings-Target / Boots-Target / Belt-Joe / Flower-H&M
So I love these boots in theory, but I don't think they are the most flattering thing in the world. But they are the only black boots I have so I wear them anyways! Sometime I get so wrapped up in a trend that I don't think of how it will actually look on a real body. I see it on a model or a stick and I think it looks good...then I see myself in it and I am like Woah! Does anyone else ever have that?

This is soo not our house. Its just this random broken down house that hubs wanted to show me. And I was like "looks like a good place for some outfit pics!"


  1. I love the flower (and the boots too)!

  2. (okay, first, this is not tim, but his crazy wife.)
    hello, pretty lady!!
    love your blog--love your big flowers & cute cardis & sassy boots & sweet smile!!! & btw--your photographers are fabulous!! :)
    have a great weekend!!

  3. Oh that is indeed a lovely house to shoot from! Loved the outfit, perfect accessories I think, specially that tiny belt, love the way it stands out from the rest! You look so pretty!

  4. Are you kidding?! Those boots do wonders for you! I think they look really really good. Your legs look skinny and awesome, for reals.
    Kiss to ya!

  5. I think this look is GREAT! That belt is perfect and the flower is the perfect accessory to finish it off!

    <3 kris&kel

  6. Very cute flower, sorta Carrie-esque and a fun accessory!

    meggy from chasing davies